An efficient and secure means for identity and trust management in cloud

An efficient and secure means for identity and trust management in cloud Cloud users are inevitably confronted with the potential risk of storing their crucial data into the remote data center of cloud service providers (CSP), which raises the concern among cloud users for their Identities and Trust for CSP’s. So their arises the need for an efficient identity and trust management system, which can serve to both CSP and Cloud Consumer and hence necessary to increase the service level agreements (SLA) between them. This paper propose a strong heterogeneous online and offline sign crypt model for a cloud network for the issue pertaining to identities and trust management. This model has certain merits: firstly, it set ups the secure, trustworthy connection between the clouduser and cloud data center, while maintaining the identities of the user and also it achieves confidentiality, authentication, and non-repudiation of services in a coherent single step. Secondly, it allows a cloud user in an Identity based cryptography (IBC) to send a request message to an internet host in public key infrastructure (PKI). Thirdly, it splits the generated sign crypt into two phases: a) Offline, and b) Online phase, and thereafter they are shown on several types of attacks. Our model is very suitable to provide high level of identity and trust management in cloud computing paradigm.

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