ECE Projects

ECE Projects (Electronics and communication) engineering is the important stream in engineering field. We develop ECE project with various domain based on electronic devices. We offer electronics based projects in hardware implementation and software simulation we support students to implement various innovative ideas for ECE field. We develop both real time & IEEE based projects for ECE students. ECE academic  project provide learning of advanced technology under electrical, electronics and network field.

ECE Projects

ECE Projects

Integrated circuit:

We support ECE students to develop projects under IC environment which is used to control electronic devices and applications. We provide integrated circuit designed with millions of capacitor, transistor, resistor and other electronic components. We develop integrated circuit based projects for B.E students with types of ICs as integrated circuit and digital integrated circuit. We adopt analog integrated circuit to design signal and wave based projects.

ECE Projects:

We provide embedded system projects as the most popular domain among ECE students. We develop embedded system projects under micro-controllers and depend on hardware implementation we need software code design to develop projects under embedded domain. We determine embedded system as electronic system ensures high electronic system with various processors, processor process various application and control general purpose computing devices.


ECE Projects

Android projects:

We described android as important operating system for mobile devices. We provide android OS with highly scalable application for mobile and other portable electronic devices. We determine android as open source system with huge number of application development environment. We implemented more than 80+ android based projects with low cost and effective output.


We offer labview as simulation tool to design various electronic applications and process under simulation environment. We develop large design project and electronic system application under labview simulation environment.

Network simulators:

We deploy network simulator such as NS2, NS3, Opnet and OMNET++ to develop projects in network domain. We access most network projects under open source simulation environment a flexible environment to design various resource communication based projects.


We implement simulation framework in VLSI design as Verilog. It is a hardware description language tool provides high quality output under integrated circuits and environments. We support students to develop VHDL based projects. We validate VLSUI based application under Verilog and VHDL tool. Verilog & VHDL tool are high definition language provide large integration of electronic component and devices.

Bluetooth based wireless projects:

We develop projects under wireless communication. We adopt Bluetooth as wireless technology which support wireless connection up to 10m range. We transfer Bluetooth data by radio waves. We provide Bluetooth as effective communication among network. We develop hardware Bluetooth implementation with Bluetooth system design.

Ece Project

Ece Projects

GSM & GPS based applications:

We deploy GSM (global system for mobile communication) & GPS (global positioning system) under all projects. We access GPS & GSM with single mobile device. We adopt GSM communication to transfer message service with various networks. We use GPS system to track specified system location.

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