Projects For ECE

Projects For ECE (Electronics and communication engineering )is the important domain in engineering which ensure detailed study about electronic devices and circuits. We offer mini projects for ECE plays a vital role in engineering studies. We support college students to implement mini projects with various new innovative ideas. We develop more mini projects under the domain of RFID detection & control, microcontroller, VLSI, networking and embedded system from the reference of science direct paper. We carried out LCD and LED interface related mini projects for ECE students.

Projects For ECE

Projects For ECE

RFID based application:

We adopt RFID radio frequency identification for accessing and security. We provide RFID based mini projects to ensure effective result for various applications. We use radio frequency waves in RFID to transfer data among reader and move item to identify, categorize and track events. It is an fast reliable among reader and scanner. We use RFID an micro chip to transmit data when label is exposed to radio waves.

Ece Projects

Projects For ECE

Keys components of RFID technology:

We listed the components of RFID technology are:

Projects For ECE LED interface:

We refer LED as light emitting diode which is an semi conductor device with light sources. We use LED in electronic circuit to provide indication as on or off state. We determine light emitting diode as PN diode which emits energy in the form light sources.

Application of LED:

We developed more 80+ projects for ECE with various techniques and applications we listed the LED application are:


We use micro-controller an specific purpose device to control various applications on electronic devices.

We develop most mini projects under 8051 microcontroller architecture. 8051 ensure capacity to perform single bit Boolean operation we support data and program memory up to 64kb.

Projects ECE

Projects For ECE


We implement VLSI for B.E/M.E final year project to create small applications with integrated circuits. We develop VLSI based application under verilog /VHDL simulation tool. We support development low and high performance based application under VHDL simulation tool. We implement VLSI based coding in Xilinx tool kit to verify all application in VLSI design.

LCD interface:

We carried out LCD interface based projects under mini projects. We refer LCD as liquid crystal displays contain liquid crystal uniformly distributed to display text and special characters. By LCD, we create interface with micro controller and microprocessor to display corresponding sequence. We determine LCD display sizes are 16*2 and 16*4.

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