Phd Topics In Computer Science

Phd Topics In Computer Science is a study of transfer of information. PHD scholars of computer science need to base their research topics on their objective area. A certain domain can be selected by them with guidance from their guide or based on their own interest whichever project done by them on PG final year can be more elaborately done in PHD thesis. Most chosen topics for computer science PHD research are grid computing, data mining, remote sensing, mobile computing, wireless communication, image processing, and medical imaging and sensor networks. In order to complete a research work development tools and languages are needed.

Phd Topics In Computer Science areas:

Some of the prominent domains of computer science are as follows:

By choosing these topic researchers can complete their thesis in an effective manner. Many programming languages are involved to create codes and obtain pin point results. Operating system is needed to be selected differently for different areas. Computer programs should process both storage and retrieval. Every information is in data base and obtained in the time of need. Robotic concepts can be obtained by automata theory. Learning and testing can be done by software engineering. Errors in numeric analysis are only solved by computational science.

Phd Topics In Computer Science

Hadoop and big data are latest trends in computer science which is preferred by some scholars for their research. It is used to process quite large applications and it minimizes the storage capacity.

Cloud computing:

Java creates and develops cloud computing concepts and it also uses Cloudsim. Cloud computing also performs resource allocation, load balancing, secret key generation and scheduling. Activities of cloud computing applications are energy utilization measurement, secure sharing of patient health records, online banking, and secure file transformation.

Data mining:

It is otherwise known as data warehouse. It helps storing large information which can be obtained anytime and anywhere. Word net tool should be installed for research in order to get English meaning from lexical database. Weka tools is also required to support machine learning process while choosing their projects scholars should also choose objectives such as recommendation, classification and mining process. Both java and dot net is requires to write program languages.

Grid computing:

Gridsim tools build grid computing. It assumes the resources level of a system which becomes the input for processing schedule algorithms FCF8, min-max; genetic algorithm, weighted round robin, max-min and round robin are the needed scheduling algorithms.

Image processing:

Medical imaging and remote sensing are the sub domains of image processing. For medical imaging projects the researcher need to choose a specific human organ to base the project on. To make it as an innovative research algorithm should be upgraded. Remote sensed images of geospace and satellite images are taken as input. MATLAB simulation tool helps in implementation of codes.


Usually PHD scholars choose their research topic based on network. It is an enormous field which covers wireless sensor network, mobile computing and wireless communication. Networking errors are usually solved by many simulation tools, which lead in the creation of new concept. NS2, NS3, OMNET++, QualNet, Opnet and Peer-sim are the needed simulation tools of networking. The results are produced in a graph manner. This graph display parameters of throughput, delay, bandwidth and transmission.Phd Topics In Computer Science

Future enhancement:

Computer vision applications and template matching are the growing domains of computer science. We offer thesis which are more up to date of pattern recognition algorithms.Phd Topics In Computer Science

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