Provisioning virtualized cloud services in IP/MPLS-over-EON Networks

Provisioning virtualized cloud services in IP/MPLS-over-EON Networks Cloud computing enables the provisioning of resources in a reliable and on-demand manner. With the increasing importance of the network bandwidth in the Cloud environment, the networking related resources need to be optimally allocated together with the traditional Cloud computing resources. In addition, the significant growth of the global data center traffic poses the challenge of supporting demands with large bandwidth requirement for the Cloud provider. In our paper, we consider thenetwork-efficient virtualized cloud infrastructure provisioning (NE-VCIP) problem in IP-over-EONnetwork based on the data center as a service model. The elastic optical network (EON) is adopted to provide spectrum and cost efficient networking resources for large bandwidth requests in our work. We develop ILP formulations to construct the mathematical model for this problem and propose a cost-optimized heuristic to solve this problem. To investigate the cost and blocking rate for the served demands, different modulation formats are compared in the EON layer. The experimental results show that different modulation formats that are adopted in the EON layer will have different impacts on the total cost and demand blocking rate for the same data set size. In order to minimize the total cost and obtain a better system performance as well (e.g. low blocking rate), a trade-off needs to be considered between the two.

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