CSE PROJECTS we are the best in academic industry.College students are doing project in final year to got degree. We offer college student projects with distinct domain, application and real time projects for B.sc, M.sc, BCA, MCA, B.Tech, M.Tech, MS and PhD students. We support college student to do college level projects and to gain a brief knowledge in the field of study. We implement Data mining, digital signal processing, image processing, cloud computing, mobile communication, wireless technology are networking are the domains for college student projects. Using different programming language such as oracle, PHP, java, .Net, VB we develop a project for college students. We also implement simulation using a simulation tool for various network communications. We handle college level project by first investigate the papers and give sufficient learning approach to do practical aspects.

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Computer science is the rising technology in all fields. We support students to develop more innovation idea to improve the computer science field in one step forward. We provide various security algorithm and mechanism to preserve user information from attacker and viruses based on IEEE reference papers. We embed biometric related projects to evolve security services using finger print recognition, iris in eyeball recognition and face recognition. We progress various communication protocol such as LAN, WAN and MAN under the field of computer science projects. We ensure a sufficient solution for communication and resource management using protocol such as DSDV, DSR, ZPR, AODV and WPR. Data mining is an important technology to develop different algorithm such as text retrieval, semantic matching, clustering and correlation matching are performed. Network is the interconnection of computer and various issues are handled such as traffic, low bandwidth are avoided and monitored by us.

College Student Projects


Electronic Projects:

Electronic is important in domestic and industrial applications. Various communications such as industry, banking is done through electronic transaction. We implement electronic in various domains such as electronic health record, online monitoring ECG signal, patient health information and body area network device among hospital, patients are maintained. We supported and developed more than 75 projects for ECE students in an efficient way. To reduce size and to increase computer processing a promising technology called Nano micro controller/ micro processor technology introduced by electronic industry. It implemented to control machine and security alarm for emerging situation. Grassland automatic water flow is developed in electronic field projects.

EEE Projects:

We offer final year project for electrical and electronic student in power controller, embedded system, monitor, control system and communication system. We offer common projects are environmental condition monitoring, stepper motor speed control. Substation fuse blown indicator is implemented and new innovative ideas are also processed.

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