Research Topics In Computer Science

Research topics in computer science cover a wide array of computer related research areas. Every research scholars can choose their topic based on their field of study candidates of M.Phil degree and PhD scholars can become the research scholars of computer science. Various topics allow the research scholars to present their thesis in a very enhanced and innovative manner. After selection of topic the thesis should be framed with the sequence of framing the problem statement, introducing a new concept, collecting data, implementing code. Gaining result and finally the topic is concluded by giving future scope. Various domains and sub domains are chosen by research scholars including intelligence and interface related concepts.

Research Topics in Computer Science

Research Topics in Computer Science

CSE Research Projects topics:

Topics of research are divided as common domain and android based domains such android based topics are pervasive computing, machine intelligence, augmented reality and learning technologies.

Common domains:

Image processing:

Many innovative applications can be introduced in image processing domain concepts such as in painting, enhancement, segmentation, manipulation; transformation and classification are part of image processing.

Remote sensing, medical imaging and security are the sub domains in which research can be based on:

By receiving SAR, SONAR and ASTER image geospatial and geological data can be obtained by remote sensing. Images of human organs taken for identifying diseases are medical imaging with the help of many algorithms security technologies are possible.


Two or more computers or other devices are connected with each other using networking. Network connectivity is needed to establish this multiple connection. Many algorithms, protocols are used by simulation tools to create networking.

Mobile computing:

Mobile networks allow the process of mobile computing. The nodes that are involved in mobile computing are mobile in nature. Routing protocols are needed for transmission Bluetooth, WLAN and UMTS are some of the mobile networks.

Research Topics in CSE

Research Topics In Computer Science

Pattern recognition:

It is a process involved in both data mining and image processing. It helps in giving security using image processing. Query processing is done to identify and recognize patterns.

Cloud computing:

Java language and Cloudsim or cloud analyst simulation tools are required for cloud computing. It also needs certain scheduling algorithms to process CPU utilization.

Grid computing:

The only difference between cloud computing and grid computing is the process in which resource allocation is done. It is done by workflow manner. The simulation tool called gridsim and scheduling algorithms are needed to perform the workflow manner efficiently.

Data mining:

Various concepts of different domains should be mingled with data mining in a thesis dot net and java platforms are needed for to establish data mining concepts. Only few data mining tools help in the effective completion of research work. Such tools are RTool, Weka tool and word net tool.

Algorithms like machine learning and association rule mining algorithm are help in performing the process.

Additional domains:

Augmented reality domains and pervasive computing are able to build android application. Applications of entertainment and various innovative apps like that of human interaction. Organ functions can be detected using apps combining medical imaging. Human interaction application is focused on malls and play stores.Research Topics In Computer Science

Images and data mining are combined to form machine intelligence projects. Learning technology domain help is academic projects like that of giving online examination.

Future scope:

Users such as government, organization or single user id included in cloud computing. It in a low cost manner transforms the information. We offer projects on advanced cloud related concepts.Research Topics In Computer Science

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