Communication Projects For Phd

Communication Projects For Phd ,Communication is defined as the process of propagating information from source to destination. We offer communication project for PhD  with various social and science behavior networks effect and process. We support communication project for PHD students under the discipline of information technology, computer science, electrical, electronics, physics, sociology and communication. We implement PhD communication projects for various areas such as wireless sensor network, cognitive and green communications, wireless communication, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and infrared wireless communication based on Springer journals papers.

Communication Projects For PhD

Communication Projects For PhD

Wi-Fi Communication Projects:

Wi-Fi as physical layer interface called Ethernet. The layer above physical and data link layer include TCP/IP. TCP/IP runs on Ethernet interface which also run on Wi-FI interface.

Wi-Fi Devices:

We implement Wi-Fi in various devices and described as follows:

Wi-Fi Characteristics:

We enhance the following characteristics in various devices and network and given as:

Wi-Fi Architecture:

By using architecture we can describe the structure and network organization. Every architecture composed of Basic components, operating modes and extended service set.

Basic Components:

All wireless devices which combine Wi-Fi network like mobile, portable (or) fixed called wireless stations. A wireless station may be PC, PDA, Phone, laptop, Rabbit core module. Combination of two or more wireless stations which connected by wireless medium and form the basic service set (BSS).

Communication Projects PhD

Communication Projects PhD

Operating Modes:

We implement two types of mode in WI-FI architecture in college projects as follows:

Extended Service Set:

A combination of distribution system (DS) and two or more BSS (Base service set) referred as extended service set (ESS). It ensures Wi-Fi network with arbitrary size and complexity.

Benefits of Wi-Fi Communication Projects:

We developed more than 100+ projects in wireless communication. We listed the Benefits of Wi-Fi communications in our projects are:

Application of Wi-Fi Communication Projects:

We deploy various applications in Wi-Fi communication projects are:

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