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CSE Research Projects are useful to students, lectures and education society. We offer college research projects to analyze particular issues in various angles. We can’t develop research projects at few hours or few day it require more time to investigate the cause and effect of selected paper. We support researchers to submit their papers with descriptive, narrative, examples, function derivate, algorithm compare and contrast existing application, definition and dalmatic proposed approach. We handle college research projects are maintain their topics, concepts as secrete. We support thesis and research projects for PhD scholars.

College Research Projects

CSE Research Projects Shape based retrieval of 3D models:

We ensure shape benchmark and segmentation benchmark with 3D repository model than contain software tool to evaluate shape based retrieval and analysis algorithm. We utilize this approach in data mining, clustering, classification and 3D model recognition in image processing domain. We collect various types of 3D polynomial images from various sources. Main aspects of this project are shape representation, shape based object retrieval and query interface.

Online information control system:

We provide internet applications which work on the basis of network bandwidth. In our project we create a new framework to analyze and predict traffic differentiation, content modification and sensor node alteration. This category of research projects is applicable for privacy, security and public auditing research areas.

Bio informatics & functional genomics:

We developed more research projects based on IEEE paper. In our project we combine computation method with experimental components to analyze genetic systems we predict malfunction in genetic disorder like cancer. We provide bio informatics projects with statistical study of gene functions. Our main aid of this project is integrating analysis to get high throughput from diverse sources. We implement highly systematic, accurate computational and statistical algorithm for biological signal detection.

College Research Project

CSE Research Projects

Content aware similarity projects in computer research area:

We implement CASs project on data mining environment we perform investigating the issues in data mining as clustering, searching, classification and managing features rich and non text data type. We develop this project by sketch construction techniques, indexing methods, efficient filtering, data mining tool kit and similarity search algorithm.

Sketch construction technique:

We implemented this technique in more than 75+ projects to address the problem in feature vector selection in rich data objects. We use practical algorithm to substantially reduce dimension and size of features vectors. By this process we attain high quality similarity search.

Efficient filtering and index method:

We use this method to remove noise data in feature rich data set. We can filter out unwanted dataset from large database by using data structure and algorithms.


We utilize this toolkit to construct search framework for specific data segmentation distance calculation module and feature extraction.

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CSE Research Projects

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