Efficient blind image deblurring method for palm print images

Efficient blind image deblurring method for palm print images This paper introduces an efficient approach towards blind deblurring of palm print images suffered from severe motion blur. First an improved Hough transform method is proposed to detect the blur angle and length of palm print image accurately. Analysis of blurred image is performed in Fourier domain which contains important¬†information¬†about the blur orientation of an image. After detecting the blur parameters successfully an improved augmented lagrangian method is proposed that utilizes the point spread function constructed from blur parameters to de blur the image. Deconvolution algorithm is first divided into various sub problems which are then solved iteratively to find their corresponding solutions by using alternating direction method. This proposed method provides de blurred image which is free of ringing artifacts. Its main application is in biometric systems in which camera captured blurred image because of user’s hand motion.

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