Identify the effective factors on Website Quality in electronic banking

Identify the effective factors on Website Quality in electronic banking Nowadays, regarding the intensity of competition due to the variety of banks and the increase of branches and the development of offered services, the most important goal of business corporations is regarded as the satisfaction of customers and their loyalty. One of the requirements of customers is to access qualified websites. The websites are the most important global channel distribution of products and services in electronic trade. A high-quality website not only impacts on decision of consumer for purchase, but also on his/her online purchasing. A low-quality website causes customers to tend towards the competitors, and hence the increase of cost and reduction of profit.

The scientific survey of websites offering services regarding customers’ tendency and recognition of their important indicators can result in the success of this business, and can be the important factor in the increase of customers’ satisfaction and loyalty. Thus, regarding high competition among banks to attract customers, this research gives a new insight to the managers and helps them to identify the effective factors for making their internet websites better, increasing customers’ satisfaction, and encouraging them to use their electronic services, whereby helping them to compile effective strategies for improving the quality of their electronic service.

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