Multimedia Summarization for Social Events in Microblog Stream

Multimedia Summarization for Social Events in Microblog Stream Microblogging services have revolutionized the way people exchange information. Confronted with the ever-increasing numbers of social events and the corresponding microblogs with multimedia contents, it is desirable to provide visualized summaries to help users to quickly grasp the essence of these social events for better understanding. While existing approaches mostly focus only on text-based summary, microblog summarization with multiple media types (e.g., text, image, and video) is scarcely explored. In this paper, we propose a multimedia social event summarization framework to automatically generate visualized summaries from the microblog stream of multiple media types.

Specifically, the proposed framework comprises three stages, as follows. 1) A noise removal approach is first devised to eliminate potentially noisy images. An effective spectral filtering model is exploited to estimate the probability that an image is relevant to a given event. 2) A novel cross-media probabilistic model, termed Cross-Media-LDA (CMLDA), is proposed to jointly discover subevents from microblogs of multiple media types. The intrinsic correlations among these different media types are well explored and exploited for reinforcing the cross-media subevent discovery process. 3) Finally, based on the cross-media knowledge of all the discovered subevents, a multimedia microblog summary generation process is designed to jointly identify both representative textual and visual samples, which are further aggregated to form a holistic visualized summary. We conduct extensive experiments on two real-world microblog datasets to demonstrate the superiority of the proposed framework as compared to the state-of-the-art approaches.

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