Semantic-Based Location Recommendation With Multimodal Venue Semantics

Semantic-Based Location Recommendation With Multimodal Venue Semantics In recent years, we have witnessed a flourishing of location -based social networks. A well-formed representation of location knowledge is desired to cater to the need of location sensing, browsing, navigation and querying. In this paper, we aim to study the semantics of point-of-interest (POI) by exploiting the abundant heterogeneous user generated content (UGC) from different social networks. Our idea is to explore the text descriptions, photos, user check-in patterns, and venue context for location semantic similarity measurement. We argue that the venue semantics play an important role in user check-in behavior. Based on this argument, a unified POI recommendation algorithm is proposed by incorporating venue semantics as a regularizer. In addition to deriving user preference based on user-venue check-in information, we place special emphasis on location semantic similarity. Finally, we conduct a comprehensive performance evaluation of location semantic similarity and location recommendation over a real world dataset collected from Foursquare and Instagram. Experimental results show that the UGC information can well characterize the venue semantics, which help to improve the recommendation performance.

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