B.E Projects For Computer Engineering

B.E Projects For Computer Engineering deal with the study of algorithm, computer application, computer network and operating system we offer BE projects for computer engineering provide classification, routing algorithm scheduling and efficient clustering algorithm to achieve efficient performance. We support computer engineer students to select project from various domain as bio informatics, computer communication, artificial intelligence games, computer interface and informatics from ACM papers. We design and model academic projects for computer engineering with programming language and simulation tool. We developed more number of computer engineering projects with java, .net and android basics.

B.E Projects For Computer Engineering

B.E Projects For Computer Engineering

Context aware computing:

We deploy pervaise computing application with context aware computing user provide queries such as content means time, location and environmental condition. We develop context aware computing technology to classify physical and logical content in large database. Our concern we design context aware computing in internet application, social network service and mobile phones. For context aware computing projects we need global positioning system, WI-FI connection and sensor network. By this device, we collect large scale, huge amount, multi model and diverse quality data from various resources.

B.E Projects

B.E Projects For Computer Engineering

Data mining:

We provide data mining to extract non trivial information from database. We define data mining is the process of transfer knowledge from data format to theory, rules, formulas and algorithm we implement constrained based or domain based retrieval in data mining projects. We adopt rough set and fuzzy set computing paradigm in data mining projects. We deploy association rule mining algorithm to capture co-occurrence pattern within data. We offer malicious code detection & security application for data mining application, data type generalization for data mining algorithm and apply data mining concept in geosciences data. We require data mining projects to differentiate data, data base and data warehouse. We developed more than 100+ projects in data mining with various applications. We proposed healthcare, banking and marketing with data mining algorithm to analyze which data is suitable for user queries.

Dependable and secure computing:

We determine dependable and secure computing system with generic definition about security, threat, safety, integrity and availability. We design dependable and secure computing system with identifying error, failure and fault in computing environment and implement fault tolerance, fault removal, fault prevention and fault forecast algorithm to avoid system failure condition we implement dependable & security computing technique in cloud computing to enhance cloud system performance.

B.E Projects For Engineering

B.E Projects For Computer Engineering

Bio informatics:

We develop bio informatics projects to predict secondary protein structure from amino acid sequence in high dimensional data set. We adopt parallel processing of scientific data with bio informatics application to analyze DNA and RNA sequences. We simulate bio informatics working process by Emu lab. An emulation based test lab used for research & education purpose. We develop bio informatics projects with more accurate and efficient output by Emu tool.

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