IEEE NS2 Projects

IEEE NS2 Projects (Network simulation 2) is an efficient tool to compare routing protocol performance and efficiency. We aid IEEE NS2 projects based on simulating network performance, under water communication, routing algorithms and mobile Adhoc network for PhD projects. We handle network security. In VANET network and location tracking in IEEE NS2 projects for final year students. We ensure network simulation as discrete event based simulation to create links, nodes, route reply, route request, base station, delivering packet from source to destination and node mobility. We guide & support NS2 projects for students and network researchers. We establish a data access in disruption tolerant network. Secure data transmission in military network, energy efficiency reliable routing for mobile Adhoc network and shortcut routing methods in ZigBee wireless network by NS2 simulation.

IEEE NS2 Projects2

IEEE NS2 Projects

Statistical pattern discovery system in NS2:

We implement mobile Ad-hoc network which require high level security during data transmission because due to node mobility MANET cause high packet loss. We measure point to point communication metric by analyzing end to end system traffic. Our project team use statistical traffic pattern analysis to capture raw traffic from physical & MAC layer. We construct point to point matrices & use set of traffic filtering rule algorithm to derive end to end parameters by time slicing techniques. We implement heuristic approach by NS2 framework to analyze correlation behavior among source & destination.


In MANET, every node establishes efficient communication protocol to cooperate with each other malicious node interrupt properĀ  communication from source to destination. We eradicate attacker node by MANET projects. We implement cooperative bait detection scheme to identify black hole & gray-hole attackers in MANET. We implement NS2 framework which obtain a best packet delivery ratio than other state of art routing algorithm.


IEEE NS2 projects

IEEE wireless sensor network PROJECTS:

We evolve data aggregation in wireless sensor network. Every node in wireless sensor network sends local data to sink node based on spatial correlation. Our project team use data density correlation based clustering methods in NS2. By this method we can measure correlation degree between sensor nodes data.

Secure & privacy preserving in vanet:

We implement navigation schemes in NS2 tool. We utilize navigation scheme by VANET to collect load information by VANET sensor nodes. By this algorithm we obtain minimum delay traveling route, road conditions and weather conditions. We ensure navigation service for proper authenticated service and protect user confidential information.

IEEE NS2 Projects2

IEEE NS2 Projects

Lightweight proactive routing protocol for MANET:

We developed more than 90+ project Manet related projects with NS2 simulation. The major challenging in MANET is forwarding opportunistic data. Our project developer implement proactive source routing protocol to maintain more network topology information than distance vector routing protocols. We provide proactive source routing composed of source address, destination address, routing table & minimum hop count address. We use NS2 tool to compare the performance of PSR with destination sequence distance vector, optimized link state routing, link state routing and dynamic source routing protocols.


IEEE NS2 Projects

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