Network Simulator Projects

Network Simulator Projects is an important security concept composed of various policies and procedures adopted by network administrator to prevent and monitor unauthorized access, network resource and modification. We offer qualnet projects in major part of networks are maintained because every information is passed among computers and cause vulnerable attack. We develop qualnet projects for PhD scholars. We enhance network security with available guarantee of network resource. We provide qualnet as reliable simulation and emulation tool which access network security protocols and evaluate performance in experiment scenario. We develop qualnet project from Elsevier journal and provide reliable result.


Network Simulator Projects

Network Simulator Projects objectives:

We ensure following objectives are:

Network security covers a variety of computer networks both public and private used in everyday jobs for conducting transaction and communication among business and individuals. We categorize network security as

Network Simulator

Network Simulator Projects

Component of qualnet Network Simulator Projects

Network security library toolkit perform authentication, encryption, mimic adversaries, route security and manage key and certificates IP Sec model composed of Secure neighbor.

Network Simulator Project

Network Simulator Projects

Network security services:

We attain following service in network security are:

Message confidentiality:

It referred as privacy, message are transmitted and make sense only to intended receiver. It means that sender and receiver expecting privacy during message transmission.

Message integrity:

It referred as data must arrive at receiver exactly as they were sent. During transmission there is no modification, neither accident nor malicious message integrity ensure secure communication.

Message nonrepudation:

The sender cannot able to deny sending message the receiver has the burden of proof.

Message authentication:

In message authentication, a receiver requires sender’s identity and verifies that imposter has not sent a message. It is a service beyond message integrity.

Entity authentication:

We refer entity authentication as user identification. It is an entity or user is verified prior to access system resources.

Network Simulator Projects

Network Simulator Projects


In cryptography, encryption is the processes of transferring information using an algorithm to make as unreadable to everyone expect those possessing special knowledge referred as key. To read an encryption information it again processed referred as decryption. We apply encryption algorithm in more than 100++ projects and ensure an effective secure transmission for the application. Some encryption applications are given as follows are:

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