Projects On Image Processing Using MATLAB

Projects On Image Processing Using MATLAB is done by two method, extraction and manipulation. First input image is extracted and then it manipulated and delivered as output image. With the help of matlab many problems in image processing is solved by creating new algorithms. Matlab toolboxes can be used by researchers to get desired result.

 Image Processing Using MATLAB

Projects On Image Processing Using MATLAB

Projects On Image Processing Using MATLAB Technique :

Background Subtraction:

This method is used to subtract the meaningful information in foreground. Rests of the parts are considered as background. This is much helpful in video surveillance. As the object in focus can be separated from the background.

Morphological Operations:

The shape and structure of the image is altered using morphological operations. Unnecessary noise is removed and necessary information is added to it. Dilation, background, closing erosion, opening and foreground are types of morphological operation.

Intensity Thresholding:                                                                      

In this method histogram is used to separate the background from foreground. The intensity   the range of threshold intensity may vary from 0 to 225.

Shape Based Processing:

It is done with help of matlab function region props. The shape, area and location are detected through this method.

Color Based Processing:

Luminance, radiance and brightness are the factors taken into account. The visible color range varies from 400 – 700 mm.

Projects On Image Processing Using MATLAB Classification:

Classification like objects to be identified and their features are revealed. There are two methods to classify and differentiate an object.

Projects on Image Processing Using MATLAB

Projects on Image Processing Using MATLAB

Data mining, artificial intelligence, machine learning and pattern recognition are some of the various domains in the classification of images. In this type of classification pre analysiation will be done.

No pre analysiation is done in this method.

Symbol Recognition:

Optical character recognition makes use of this symbol recognition. The characters are recognized by high degree of precision in this method. It is used for car license plate detection.

Future Enhancement:

More innovative projects on satellite classification methods are offered by us.

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