M.Tech Thesis In Computer Science

M.Tech Thesis In Computer Science gives a full fledged knowledge on all computer related concepts such as computer algorithm, communication via networking and all hardware and software components. Various issues on computer technology is solved through M.Tech computer projects any domain can be selected for doing project by M.Tech final year students. In their thesis a detailed analysis and definition of all mathematical algorithms, formulas and procedures can be mentioned thesis result is given by M.Tech students in the format of simulation. Some of the simulation tools that are needed are OPNET, OMNET++, NS2, NS3, and QUALNET, Cloud sim tool, weka and matlab.

M.Tech Thesis

M.Tech Thesis

Possible M.Tech Thesis In Computer Science

Computer biology:

Structure analysis, molecular dynamics gene networking and sequence analysis comes under computer biology. It analyzes and test, DNA, RNA and protein sequence. Many data mining applications are created for attaining useful information, features, patterns and structures from data base. In the process of computer biology classification many modes are used such as support vector machine, Bayesian network, clustering methods regression analysis, hidden markov model and sequence mining. DNA can recognize throw gene networking.M.Tech Thesis In Computer Science

Computer architecture:

A deep understanding of central processing units, peripheral and memory devices are needed for computer architecture thesis. It includes the knowledge of synchronous operation; hardware design of CPU, internal and external memory hardware component and arithmetic and logical operations with the help programming languages data storage and intercommunication is possible.

M.Tech Thesis in Computer Science

M.Tech Thesis in Computer Science

Data base system:

Data base model is defined using data manipulation and definition language many data issues such as data redundancy, inconsistency, difficult accessing data, integrity and security can be solved. These thesis can make the user stand out in a distinct way. These users are divided as three parts namely sophisticated, naïve and specialized user.

Programming languages:

C, C++, java and .net are some of the basic programming language that helps in the formation of any applications. PHP is a recently developed language of programming research on many programming languages will lead to the creation of user friendly application.


Robotics is an advanced artificial intelligence based system which allows the creation of various robots and its designing it is an interesting topic for M.Tech students to do their project. It allows automatic control of machines.


It is major domain for M.Tech final year projects on cloud computing, networking, multimedia and mobile computing are some domains which require security related projects. By giving passwords and verification code many software and user identities can be preserved.

System and networking:

Distributed system, wireless computing and operating system along with networking and wireless computing are domains for M.Tech thesis.

Future enhancement:

We offer projects with deep and profound analysis of various data sets including that of real world and synthetic data sets.M.Tech Thesis In Computer Science

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