Mtech Thesis for CSE students

Mtech Thesis for CSE students expanded as master students post graduate degree academic engineering projects. Its departments include EEE, ECE, IT and CSE. Projects on M.Tech can be focused on numerous domains. The selection of topic is based on the interest of student. At our center we offer a wide variety of M.Tech thesis for students, so that each project will be unique. Cloudsim, android, NS2, java and .Net thesis can be done by IT and CSE M.Tech students domains of digital signal processing, VLSI, Matlab, Digital image processing and embedded suit electronics students. In case of electrical student’s power electronics, power system and energy sources can take up as thesis topics.


Mtech Thesis for CSE students

Mtech Thesis for CSE students  areas:

Various domains of topics are available for M.Tech thesis. To attain unique operating system management thesis can be done on java programming thesis on computer networking can maximize communication performance and network coverage areas. It also requires 3G and 4G model. In the field of agriculture image processing and distributed topics are needed.

M.Tech thesis based on mobile:

Mobile industry is a fast growing technology industry. Manufacturing of tablets and Smartphone’s are rapidly growing. M.Tech students can do thesis projects on creating beneficial android applications.

M.Tech Thesis

Mtech Thesis for CSE students

M.Tech thesis on system and security:

In recent days owning a PC or laptop has become common. All personal and professional data of the user are stored in these systems. This makes system security an important topic. We offer projects on system security with advanced algorithms to prevent and protect security attacks forms hackers, viruses or malicious soft-wares. Security related applications can be created using Steganography, cryptography and visual cryptograph.

M.Tech thesis based on networking:

Students of EEE, ECE and CSE can do their thesis on networking domain. In the domain of networking topics include peer to peer networks, parallel and distributed networking, and wireless sensor networking. Problems in networking involve its quality of service and security. To overcome these issues projects on hybrid approach is needed. By improving service quality packet delivery ratio can also be improvised which leads to high network.

M.Tech topics on image processing:

Projects on image segmentation, classification, gray scale conversion and feature extraction are some of image processing related projects for M.Tech students. Matlab is the simulation tool used in image processing. Medical imaging projects are prostate cancer detection, lung disease classification, Claudio vascular classification, CT scan and MRI. Both CSE and ECE students are eligible for doing these projects.

M.Tech topics based on science and technology:

Cybernetics, bio informatics, computational biology and computing are some of science and technology related projects. Saluting in unbalanced applications can be done through computing. Cloud computing allows file storage. Internet and mobile applications are framed by grid and internet computing.

Energy based topics:

Energy plays a prominent role in networking. As every wired or wireless communication has and uses some sort of energy. If energy node becomes down low the system also shuts down. In order to solve these energy crisis M.Tech students can do projects on energy aware protocols. EEE students can do their project on both power systems and electronics.Mtech Thesis for CSE students

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