M.E Computer Engineering Projects

M.E Computer Engineering Projects is the study of computation, automatic algorithm, computer graphics, complex city, reinforcement learning & distributed data management. We offer M.E computer engineering projects to expose student thinking in the way of analyzing problem, design new framework and new algorithm derivation. We handle many computer engineering projects in image processing, big data, intelligent learning system, multimedia, cloud, network security and data mining from science direct paper. We implement M.E computer engineering final year project in various programming language with efficient simulation & emulation environment to satisfy students need.

M.E Computer Engineering Projects

M.E Computer Engineering Projects

M.E Computer Engineering Projects Cloud

We provide core idea as cloud security, mobile access of health data & green cloud computing in cloud computing projects. We adopt Netbeans, eclipse IDE, JDK & windows based operating system to design and develop cloud computing projects. We analyze real time cloud performance by Cloudsim toolkit. Cloudsim allow user to change configuration setting & generate report with performance comparison graph we provide Cloudsim as virtual real machine migration, energy conservation and resource sharing.

M.E Computer Engineering Project

M.E Computer Engineering Projects

Knowledge & data mining:

We handle major issues such as fast & accurate mining of data from large & distributed location in knowledge discovery & data mining process. We adopt Hadoop mapreduce method to solve big data problem. Most students’ select web service & web log related projects. We need predictive modeling, link analysis, deviation analysis, segmentation & clustering in web service projects. We adopt web service description language (WSDL) & SOAP (simple object access protocol) to arrange web service in ontology basis.

M.E Computer Engineering

M.E Computer Engineering projects

M.E Computer Engineering Projects Image processing

We developed more than 100+ projects in image processing using matlab tool we categorize image processing as remote sensor image, bio medical image and digital image. We analyze lung tumor segmentation; breast cancer, brain tumor segmentation, and kidney disease identification are processed based on MRI or CT scan images. We provide satellite image to identify particular area location referred as remote sensor image. We perform preprocessing method to eradicate noise or background effects from input image for accurate segmentation. We adopt segmentation, clustering & classification algorithm to retrieve an accurate result. We implement face recognition projects by OpenCV tool.

M.E Projects

M.E Projects

Wireless communication networks:

We apply radio frequency signal, laser and microwave signal are used to transfer wireless communication data from source to destination we offer various wireless communication based projects for M.Tech students. We evaluate satellite communication, vehicular Adhoc network, long term evolution, mobile Adhoc network, software defined network and sensor network are simulated by network simulation tools.

We determine various wireless routing protocols, algorithms, scheduling and Mac layer performance are compared in OMNET++, NS2, NS3, QUALNET and Opnet simulation tool.

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