OPNET Projects

OPNET Projects is a category of simulation tool used for analyzes computer network performance and applications. We offer B.TECH project in opnet includes wired and wireless network communication. We support B.TECH students to model network traffic by simulating wireless user and network device in opnet. We use opnet tool for academic projects to simulate link capacity, network topology, propagation delay and compare various shortest path routing algorithm, and collect jitter, throughput and blocking probability of each end to end node.

Opnet Projects

Opnet Projects

Cognitive radio network spectrum sensing issues in B.TECH opnet projects

We developed more than 75+ projects to solve the issues in cognitive radio network by opnet simulation. We require new paradigm to   simulate spectrum allocation, spectrum analysis, dynamically adjust spectrum based on application and user. We introduce autonomous learning and adaptation algorithms for cognitive radio communication major process in this network are primary user detection and spectrum sensing. Opnet ensure efficient simulation framework for available frequency band by using statistical signal analysis and detection, estimation theory. We simulate cognitive radio network with opnet for spectrum sensing and MAC layer issues.


Opnet projects

Reliable data delivery in wireless sensor network:

In wireless sensor network congestion is major problem and event trigged algorithm in previous projects to sense dense deployment area. We deploy cross layer geographic forwarding scheme to utilize the buffer occupancy level of neighboring node by our opnet project developers. We introduce adaptive adjustment algorithm to modify SMAC operation based on occupancy level of neighbors. Initially we compute local load balancing of next hop in WSN nodes. We attain load balancing by advance reservation of occupancy level of next hop node. We balance local & direction load for fast and reliable data delivery. We implement opnet to analyze performance of forwarding scheme and geographic load balancing algorithm.

QOS in opnet projects

We process wireless communication networks from Elsevier paper for multimedia data emerging application such as tele presence service and surveillance. By transferring multimedia content in wireless communication network we enhance QOS value which is an essential part of opnet projects. We combine QOS aware protocol and different MAC protocol to meet QOS requirements. QOS aware protocols ensure QOS parameter in delivery of heterogeneous traffic and diff MAC protocol enhance channel utilization. We use opnet to analyze performance of protocol in wireless communication.

Opnet Project

Opnet Project

Life time optimization for heterogeneous networks:

We enhance node stability and challenging task in B.TECH opnet projects. We deploy various energy capacity nodes in concentric ring shape. These nodes improve battery capacity of all heterogeneous networks. We use opnet model to simulate heterogeneous network with life time optimization.

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