GRID COMPUTING PROJECTS is an important domain in information technology society. We offer grid computing final year projects involve collaboration of computer, network resource, database and manage large scale data set. We ensure grid computing projects for M.Tech students with basic knowledge of grid computing such as grid architecture, grid types, security challenges and resource sharing in grid computing. We determine grid computing projects with various solution to load balancing, service availability, grid reliability, distributed management, resource monitoring and performance analysis of standard protocol in grid computing from science direct papers.

GRID Computing Projects

GRID Computing Projects

Multicast Adaboost Learning of Facial Feature Selection in Grid Computing Projects:

 We adopt adaboost an efficient learning algorithm in long duration of off-line learning system. by this algorithm we provide efficient result by extracting every feature in large scale data set but computation time is high in image feature extraction process. We implement adaboost algorithm in grid computing to select significant features for face recognition process. We propose an innovative idea, facial feature selection process in grid computing to utilize advantage of this algorithm for first & quick retrieval of multi class features.

Ad-hoc Grid in Computing Environment:

We develop adaptive and self organized peer to peer computing application in grid computing environment. It requires centralized administration to prevent spontaneous grid computing. To achieve goal, we introduce and developed more than 90+ projects with new approach such as failure handling, peer delivery mechanism and failure recovery mechanism. We connect set of grid member to peer system every peer system communicates with other nodes by multicast method.

Massive Concurrency & Fault Tolerance in DDGrid:

 We establish grid computing middle ware system as DD-GRID to support grid infrastructure such as EGEEGLITE, OSG condor and Globus tool kit. In DD-GRID computing project we focus on information service, gross domain services, batch job services, fault tolerance services and scheduling services.

RSA GRID security analysis in grid computing:

 We establish grid computing with available resource to grid computing nodes. We design grid computing framework with RSA algorithm to achieve probabilistic based power system reliability and security analysis.


 In grid computing projects we perform cluster & migration process to develop or boost grid computing system performance. We provide cluster based algorithm with concentrating local & geographical resource in computing system we introduce remote polling application to deploy multiple nodes at single locations. We establish efficient allocation of grid computing by virtual grid computing which contain integration of software over local area network.GRID COMPUTING PROJECTS

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