MS CSE Projects

MS CSE Projects is an important course in engineering field. We offer MS CSE projects equal to PhD research in computer science. We provide MS research and academic project include artificial intelligence, computer operation, graphics, computer network, visualization and human computer interaction from Elesvier paper. We provide guidance to do research projects. We ensure flexible service to MS students with efficient, experience and well skilled faculty in research & development side. We follow various steps such as understanding project idea, analyze paper, identify problem in paper, examine the possible ways to overcome problem detail explanation about process with algorithm, programming language & simulation tool to obtain result for MS CSE Projects.


MS CSE Projects

MS CSE Projects Domains:

MS scholars are interested to do their academic projects and thesis is based on IEEE domains. We are providing Several IEEE domains for MS Scholars. They have chosen some specific domains for research purposes. Domains are

We are supporting Mining Concepts which could be are developed under the technologies of java and dotnet. Some kinds of tools like weka, word net, RTool and Rapid Miner also used to represent and mining processes like information retrieval, clustering, classification,  aggregation and annotation.

Several MS CSE scholars choose Cloud Computing processes it includes scheduling, resource allocation, file sharing and security are to be done with the help of cloud-sim simulation tool.

MS CSE Project

MS CSE Projects

All networking concepts are design and implemented using network simulation tools. Network simulation tools are listed below:

Image Processing and Medical imaging concepts are done with the help of matlab simulation tool. Some of the additional image processing tools are OpenCV, Imagej and Scilab. Medical imaging concepts are

Medical Information Projects:

We develop electronic health record related projects with more benefits to provider & patient paper based medical data may miss the continuity or loss data. To overcome this problem, we maintain health record electronically which is more valuable than paper based document. Our project developer create shared environment to ensure collaboration with seamless support of digital and physical documents. We load patient based documents in patient workspace. We need content reinstatement techniques determine effective communication among doctor and patients. We provide a kinetic 4 chronoviz tool to record multi model data. We implement this tool in doctor office to lively broadcast patient behavior. By this project we collect rich multi model medical data study shared data information for collaborative understanding & combine physical & digital data into single cohesive environment.

Aim of projects:

MS CSE Projects

MS CSE Projects

Memory pre-fetching in green droid:

We provide memory pre-fetching as the process of allocating high latency large memory for fast processor to detect memory access patterns, associate stream with personal computer location and validate stream. We adopt green droid a multiprocessor to connect all array files by mesh network. We support network such as static, general dynamic and memory dynamic network. We developed more than 85+ projects to simulate and design grid droid and its cycle process based on per-fetching.

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