NS2 Projects

NS2 Projects is a prominent simulator tool for networking. We implement NS2 which is a discrete event simulator for network research and developing area. We offer NS2 projects to create various protocol design such as user Datagram protocol (UDP), multicast, unicast and Transmission control Protocol (TCP) based on Science Direct papers. We develop Ad hoc and sensor network based projects to simulate and analyze by NS2 simulator. We implement NS2 simulator with various stages namely preprocessing and post processing for academic projects. We use Post processing stage to analyze traffic and topology generator performance. We process post processing which includes simple trace analysis with tool Command languages.

NS2 Projects

NS2 Projects

Features of NS2 Projects

We adopt the following features in NS2 for M.Tech projects are:

Routing Protocol in NS2 Projects

We implement routing protocol in NS2 to investigate and evaluate routing protocol in Ad hoc network. Routing module ensures various simulation situations for three components are; Connection, agents and traffic.

Network simulator 2

Network simulator 2 PROJECTS

Ad hoc Network NS2 Projects

We implement Ad hoc Network which is a set of various mobile devices to communicate with each other without depending on infrastructure. We can communicate with each other by neighbor node and other node communicate by router when intermediate node act as router. We can change topology by node mobility which occur routing breaks frequency in topology. Route break happens due to signal interference, high error rate, packet collision and node mobility.

Issues in security:

We handle various securities in various layers and implemented in more than 80+ projects are described as follows:

Application layer is responsible for running various services. In this layer, attack creates malicious scripts, worms and virus. By various attack, it affect all service running in network.

We implement transport layer to maintain session information among communication devices. Attacks such as convert channel ad session hijacking are occurring in transport layer. By this attack, it takes over session to various clients.

We adopt network layer to ensure vulnerabilities in routing protocol by attacks. Attack in network layer are flooding and routing table overflow attacks.

An Important layer in network called MAC layer which enable various application in wireless network. By MAC layer, we can access wireless network radio frequencies. In MAC Layer various attack such as signal jamming, sniffing and DOC attacks are occurred.

Wireless Sensor Network NS2 Projects

We use wireless sensor network which composed of various sensor node to detect physical and environment condition for college student projects. We implement communication protocol in WSN to ensure interaction for network layer, data link layer and transport layer. We eradicate transport layer congestion control by congestion detection and control algorithm. Reliability based protocol ensure reliability measure, direction and packet recovery for various layers in network.

NS2 Project

NS2 Project

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