NS2 Projects In Chennai

NS2 Projects In Chennai are purely based on different protocols performance. To simulate different types of network simulator 2 plays a fundamental role. To design new wired and wireless network NS2 is very helpful tool. The working screen of packet transmission and reception from source to destination is provided by NS2.

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NS2 Projects in Chennai

NS2 Projects in Chennai

Simulation in Networking:

An important technology used in computer network is simulation to derive sample model of output. Various engineering, science and other areas use simulation. In many natural systems computer simulation is applied to adopt modeling and analysis.

On a single computer, network simulator is used for implementing network. By this simulation through mathematical formulas we calculate network behavior. Integrated GUI based designer tool is used to simulate network with SNMP (Simple Network management protocols) in this simulation.

Various network topologies are designed by using different type of node.

NS2 Projects Chennai

NS2 Projects Chennai

Benefits of NS2:

Ns2 factors:

Some important factors are

Node movement parameters as distance and speed are required for appearance. The internal network structure is based on network traffic mode. Sensor node or internal nodes is known as layer configuration needs to be configured.

NS2 Project in Chennai

NS2 Project in Chennai

NS2 languages:


OT-Cl is referred as article can make fast changes but run slower. Objects and variables are provided by simulator. In different environment components could make network topology.


For a detailed implementation of different protocol C++ is very useful.

For modeling the behavior of simulation node C++ code is effectively used.

NS2 communication Networks:

Classifications of network communication:

Point to Point network:

To communicate to corresponding destination point to Point network source node is used. By addressing methodology packet transformation can be carried out. Direct communication among sender and receiver are provided in Point to point network.

Broadcast Network:

Single communication channel is contained in a broadcast network. Communication is carried out by sending packet or frames to other nodes among a network. Address field of a packet provides receiver identification.

NS2 Routing Model:

Five types of routing model are integrated in NS2 for Ad-hoc wireless network

The above protocols have become integral parts of NS2.

NS2 Projects In Chennai

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