PEERSIM Projects

PEERSIM Projects To share data we use peer to peer system and it is simulated by Peersim which ensure scalability and dynamism. We evaluate P2P protocol in realistic environment very expensive in P2P research. We implement Peersim for students as an extremely scalable simulation environment to support dynamic situation as churn or failure model. We require protocol to implement Peersim java API into real time implementation. We develop final year Peersim projects for B.Tech students with electrical and electronic engineering involve software, hardware, electronics, signal processing, network, power electronics, grid communication, power system engineering, embedded system, bio medical imaging from science direct papers.


PEER-SIM Projects

P2P projects:

We define P2P system as distributed network architecture, where participant share their own hardware resources as storage capacity, network bandwidth and processing power.

P2P systems:

We use P2P system to distribute content as part of content distribution network (CD

N). We deploy P2P technology for file sharing and created as normal method for Linux operating system.

P2P network applications:

We developed more than 75+ projects with P2P application as:

Portal based P2P system:

We provide portal based P2P system which permit user to store large dataset among many peers. Every eer in network contributes resource to network as network bandwidth and file storage space.

Sloan digital sky survey PEERSIM Projects:

We implement Sloan digital sky survey to produce over 157 bytes of data by end of project lifetime.

Network simulators:

We provide network simulator to simulate network communication for specific situation without configuring real machine or networks.

PEERSIM Projects

PEER-SIM Projects

Types of PEERSIM Projects:

We described the types of simulator are:

Packet based:

Flow based:

Peersim features:

We mentioned some Peersim features are:


Vector abstraction:


Transport layer & churn:

Graph abstraction:


PEERSIM Projects

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