Matlab Projects

Matlab Projects is a high level programming language ensure interactive user friendly environment to engineering academic projects. We ensure matlab projects to simulate control system, security, voice communication,recognition system and surveillance system we offer various matlab projects for ECE, CSE & IT students.We implement matlab projects with various applications such as satellite application, medical application,noise removal, transmission application, defense application, water marking application and web application from ACM papers. We determine matlab as best simulation tool and developed more than 90 projects in matlab for digital, video, remote sensing image, sound processing system and biomedical.

Matlab Projects to Process SAR Image:

We refer SAR as synthetic aperture radar to create landscape image. We represent landscape image as 2D and 3D images. We require matlab based GUI interface to process SAR images. Before SAR image processing we need GUI with some special learning algorithm we implement speckle filter and image compression algorithm in matlab to analyze SAR images. We ensure matlab with wide availability & self documenting capability to process SAR image.

Edge Detection and Pattern Recognition Algorithm Based on Vision Based Wheeled Mobile Robot:

We identify sign board signal which is very essential in mobile robot to access and control. We develop mobile robot system with vision based such as laser range finder, stereo based and GPS based approach. We develop this project for B.Tech students to detect detection & sign board indication we require visual image processing techniques to detect edge of salient features like edge pattern. We adopt beam let theory to retain location, scale and information.

DSP Matlab Projects:

We simulate sampling signal transformation and discrete time signal by matlab. We perform filter design, Fourier transform, and quantization process of digital signal simulated in matlab. In digital signal processing we perform video communication system, acoustic application and speech processing. We process signal qualification, noise removal and signal wavelength in digital signal processing.

Inner Structure of Databases for CBIR System:

We implement content based image retrieval in image processing to retrieve future image from large scale data set. We determine matlab with great support for pixel based & object based process.

Recognize Ripeness of Banana Using Histogram Approach:

In our project we classify banana image into ripe, unripe and overripe. We recognize banana types based on RGB value and histogram. We collect various level of ripeness image & form sample data set. We implement image processing & image classification algorithm in artificial neural network we provide matlab as better classification level of banana ripe by pixel based retrieval.

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