OpenCV Projects

OpenCV Projects is an Open Source Computer Vision ensures with Library programming functions. We offer OpenCV project which plays major roles in real time computer vision projects such as recognition, face detection, image processing and augmented reality applications for M.Tech students. We use OpenCV for academic and research projects. We develop OpenCv project with C, C++, Python and java interfaces. We implement OpenCV project in any OS such as windows, Macos, IOS, android, Linux. We adopt OpenCv functions to design multi core processing and real time application with high computational efficiency.

OpenCv Projects

OpenCv Projects

Traffic Monitoring with Computer Vision:

We implement traffic monitoring system which requires efficient computer vision methodology to identify car movement, traffic in Particular path and count number of vehicles by capture picture. Traffic monitoring system composed of real time processor, which captures video at day and night. We split traffic monitoring system into three sub system. They are given as motion detection sub system. Video subsystem, display and control sub system. We accept real time information from real time processor and perform image processing operation to marks moving vehicles and count the vehicle.


OpenCV Projects

Sensor Management in Robotic Neurosurgery:

We use OpenCV in Robot and Computer aided surgery application and image guided surgery toolkit to enhance accuracy and safety of surgical operations which adopted from Springer base papers. We install sensor device in operation room to capture localized information. We also establish sensor device management architecture to control electromagnetic, optical and ultrasound information. We establish all process in OpenCV environment to evaluate sensor node module, client response time to receive tracking data performance and compute time lag among optical tracker and ultra sound machine.

OpenCv on Projects

OpenCv  Projects

Object Detection and Path Finding By OpenCV Projects

We process image processing projects based on extracting particular object from large scale data base. By this way, we design prototype model for autonomous Robot system to picks up desired object by camera vision. We choose OpenCV which is an efficient platform to implement object detection projects. To process camera images we use python and Microsoft visual studio. By OpenCV we perform regression analysis and estimate pixel distance and width objects and mainly used for obstacle detection. We use OpenCv to detect non- textured. Flat surface with little (or) no movement images.

OpenCv Project

OpenCv Project

Con focal Microscopy Images in OpenCV Projects

We implement OpenCV library function to simulate high resolution calibration of con-focal microscope images. We mainly use this image to identify affected nervous cells in neuro degenerative disease patient. Our main aid is to develop advanced algorithm to estimate distortion parameter and correct image deformation.

Image Analysis and Computer Vision in OpenCV:

OpenCV ensure better understanding and theoretical problems in image analysis and computer vision. We offer OpenCV project with real time face recognition system. We used OpenCV tool in more than 90+ projects for human body tracking system, eye-gaze recognition path planning of mobile robot and Traffic sign detection.

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