Qualnet Projects

Qualnet Projects is described as the collect ion of tools with all components to establish network model and simulation projects. We provide optimize network simulation with qualnet to ensure scalability and fast processing. Our team utilizes the resource of network Qualnet simulation with the reasonable time allocation. We offer a Qualnet final year project which implements a network simulation with GUI for design, animation, execution and analysis.

QUALNET Projects

QUALNET Projects

Features of Qualnet Project:

 We provide various features to implement Qualnet projects for students are:

We use Qualnet with configuration consist of global parameters, experiment name, Random number generator, mobility model, simulation time and various routing protocols.

Qualnet Model Library:

 Various libraries are provided by Qualnet. To get an efficient result, we use library to build and experiment new network with functions. By using a library various specialized networks are implanted by Qualnet. Qualnet model library types provided by our Team for MS projects are:

            It used for Mobile WiMAX, fixed network based on IEEE 802.16e and 802.16d.

            Large varieties of networks are developed by qualnet developer using this library.

            It used for third generation of mobile broad band networks.

            Used for modeling networks with encryption, secret keys and authentications.

            It used for modeling queuing, VoIP, scheduling and MP-LS.

Advantage of Qualnet Project:

 Various advantage of Qualnet projects are achieved by us and deployed in more than 80+ projects are given as:

            Offer high detailed model for network features.

            Performs faster than real time simulation, which activates network emulation speed.

            It support large number of network nodes.

Application of Qualnet Project:

 By implementing Qualnet projects based on Elsevier paper we developed various application are:-

Qualnet simulator is run by our developers using a command line which activate network models, shell scripts. We offers more real time simulation framework implemented by Qualnet projects.

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