NS3 Projects

NS3 Projects referred as Network simulator 3 which is a discrete event network for several internets for systems. We offer an NS3 project which is open source software and easily simulated which mainly implemented for M.Tech projects. NS3 is a new simulator not backward compatible extensions of NS2. NS3 simulation are written in C++ and it does not support the NS-2 APIs. We support college students to develop NS3 Projects under various network communications.

NS3 Projects

NS3 Projects

Features of NS3 Projects

The following feature is attained by us in NS3 projects are:

Components of NS3 Projects

Following components are needed to implement NS3 projects as:

Motherboard computer with CPU, RAM and I/O Interfaces.

Network card plugged with IO interface.

Connection between group of device objects.

Packet generator and consumer to run on network.

Interface between application and network stack.

Functional Goals of NS3:

By the implementation of NS3 projects, the functional goal are attained and ensured by us under the reference of Springer papers. They are given as:

To maintain a model, reuse architecture to improve scalability, and support integration. It allows a simulation for IPv4and IPv6 network as novel and research oriented network architectures.

NS3 simulation software is installed in various operating systems such as free BSD, Solaris, Linux, OS X and windows.

Open source tools are integrated by the simulation extension. Function abstraction layer and interface are deployed in network simulator environment. It allow user to integrate simulation and emulation environments.

Various models such as protocol and traffic need to update in wireless network. By this process various service such as messaging, bit torrent, voice over IP and peer to peer are improved.

Graphical User Interface:

Graphical user interface provides a friendly interaction with all applications. It built using GUI components also referred as controls (or) widgets. GUI components consider as object s and the interaction of user by mouse (or) keyboard.

NS3 Project

NS3 Projects

GUI in NS-3:

Ns-3 GUI support multi thread control and inter thread communication. NS3 simulator composed of predefined modules with user friendly GUI. NS3also extended to support visualization and animations.

Application in NS3:

By implementing Ns3 in more than 80+ Projects, we can analyze and study various applications such as:

NS3 Projects

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