OMNET++ Projects

OMNET++ Projects is a C++ based discrete event simulator which ensure model for various communication network and distributed or parallel system. We offer OMNET++ an open source which used to generate powerful event simulation tool for academic, education and research oriented projects. We develop OMNET++ based projects for communication and computer science engineering students. We ensure OMNET++ which satisfy gap among open source and research oriented simulation environment. We provide OMNET++ simulation on UNIX systems, windows and Linux OS system for B.Tech students.

OMNET++ Projects

OMNET++ Projects

Simulation library in OMNET++ Projects

We enhance OMNET++ to generate random numbers from several independent streams. We provide class library with queues and other container classes. We operate queues as priority queues. In OMNET++ we consider message as classes or objects which hold arbitrary data structure and other objects. We integrate objects with other messages.

We support traffic in OMNET++. We provide ability to extract topology into graph data structure. We provide various statistical classes to collect mean and standard deviation samples.

User library OMNET++ Projects

We provide user interface library to run simulations. We enhance generic interface for both user and sim libraries. We encompass OMNET++ library with sim, Envir, Tkenv, and cmdenv are referred as physically separate libraries. We ensure embedding application to assemble model with various topology creation.

Animation and trading facility:

Our main aspect of OMNET++ is debugging and traceability of simulation models. We implement animation features by Tkenv and GUI interface with OMNET++. The methods are given as follows:

We use the above methods and we developed more than 75 projects in OMNET++ simulation.

Object inspectors:

We implement this method as GUI window with simulation object. We use this to display state or object content. We enhance various ways to change objects. It permits automatic inspection of every object in OMNET++ simulation.

Automatic animation:

We adopt this method to create animated flow messages on network charts and reflect node state changes in display. We use this method which perfectly suitable for various network simulation applications.

Module output windows:

We use this method to create textual debugging for special output stream. We show final debug output by output windows. We provide separate window to display output of individual modules.

Network design in OMNET++ Projects

We design simulate network such as vanet, wireless body area network (WBAN).

In vehicular Adhoc network, we simulate OMNET++ with intelligent transport system (IIS), vehicle to vehicle communication (V2V) and vehicle to infrastructure communication we ensure OMNET++ with basic entities such as roadside units and on board units. We utilize the simulation of dedicated short range communication (DSRC) with OMNET++ VANET simulation. We implement various simulation tool which referred from science direct journals for OMNET++ simulation.

We simulate wireless body area network by sensing basic function related to body. Every device in body area network act as wireless sensor node, actuator node and wireless personal device are designed and analyzed by OMNET++ environment. We provide various sensor and actuator in WBAN and implement many applications such as healthcare.

OMNET++ Project

OMNET++ Project

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