Dot Net Projects

Dot Net Projects is a programming language to develop computer applications. It referred as .NET. We offer Dot Net projects to final year engineering students and arts and science students. Using a Dot Net framework we can easily implement cloud computing, networking, mobile computing, and data mining related project applications. Frequently we implemented more than 80+ projects in Dot net are telecom service management system, airline reservation system, e-railway system, man power resource organizer and ontology system handled by our team. We support and handle web based application by and windows based application by C# and VB.Net.

Dot Net

Dot Net Projects

Web Based Application In .Net:

We apply web based application to support real world application. It composed of distributed components and web server provide component for some specific applications. Web based application support multi tier architecture to extend an application and to develop in various platforms with a reference of IEEE papers. We split web based application as web service and web forms.

Internet Information Service in .Net:

We implement this service in Microsoft web server. It runs as separate process using inetinfo.exe. Microsoft server is required to run multi thread request. It supported by windows 2000, XP pro and NT. This server is configured by control panel, admin tools and IIS server are enabled.

Dotnet Projects

Dotnet Projects

Type of Dot Net Projects [Web]:

We use two type of web site such as static and dynamic. In static, it creates web page on web disk and return web pages by web server without process performed. In Dynamic, server side processing performed. Request and web page are differentiated based on file extensions.

Dotnet Project

Dotnet Projects


ASP referred as active server pages which developed by Microsoft server side topology. It works based on scripting languages. .Net composed of interpreter and compiler for fast execution. It generates web pages by reading name from database. We offer projects which is a huge collection of tool to support .net framework.

Features of .Net Framework:

We apply following features in B.E/B.Tech projects are:

Dot Net Projects Advantages:

We use this advantage are:



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