Computer Networking Projects For Students

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Computer Networking Projects For Students


Resources of computer networks

Types of Internet Connections:

Network Topology:

Types of network topology:

File name: “tcp1.tcl”

set ns [new Simulator]

#———-creating nam objects—————-#

set nf [open tcp1.nam w]
$ns namtrace-all $nf

#open the trace file
set nt [open w]
$ns trace-all $nt

set proto rlm

$ns color 1 blue
$ns color 2 yellow
$ns color 3 red

#———- creating client- router- end server node—————-#

set Client1 [$ns node]
set Router1 [$ns node]
set Endserver1 [$ns node]

#—creating duplex link———#

$ns duplex-link $Client1 $Router1 2Mb 100ms DropTail
$ns duplex-link $Router1 $Endserver1 200Kb 100ms DropTail

#—————creating orientation——————#

$ns duplex-link-op $Client1 $Router1 orient right
$ns duplex-link-op $Router1 $Endserver1 orient right


$ns at 0.0 “$Client1 label Client1”
$ns at 0.0 “$Router1 label Router1”
$ns at 0.0 “$Endserver1 label Endserver1”

#———–Configuring nodes————#

$Endserver1 shape hexagon
$Router1 shape square

#—————-Establishing queues———#

#$ns duplex-link-op $Client1 $Router1 queuePos 0.1
#$ns duplex-link-op $Router1 $Endserver1 queuePos 0.5

#———finish procedure——–#

proc finish {} {
global ns nf nt
$ns flush-trace
close $nf
close $nt

puts “running nam…”
exec nam tcp1.nam &
exit 0

#Calling finish procedure
$ns at 6.0 “finish”
$ns run

Computer Networking Projects For Students 


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